Treat Your Back Pain with The Right Treatment

Sitting for a long time in a chair can make you get lower back pain, especially for office worker. Sometimes, the office where we work does not provide a good chair to support our comfortability in working. That’s really bad if our work is disturbed by the lower back pain problem. Therefore, we have to avoid the lower back pain because it’s really harmful to our work activities. So, the use of ergonomic chair is really recommended here if you are the one who has problem with it. There are some tips to trick the lower back pain problem.

Look at the size of your chair

Firstly, the best chair can be felt if you choose the right chair with the right height and width. The chair should be adjustable so we can set our chair to fit with our desk and our feet to the ground level. The chair which has right height and width, can keep your body posture stay normally and steady. In addition, it makes your back bone straight as well.

Check out the accessories

It is really essential to check out whether our chair has good accessories or not. Sometimes, the chair which we sit does not have ideal armrest and backrest. In fact, the armrest and backrest function have to support us in working. If those things can’t be utilized well, the back pain will easily get us. So, we also have to check whether that is relaxing or not.

Using a back brace

If our lower back pain problem has really disturbed us. Wearing a brace is the best solution to deal with that problem. Moreover, it’s really necessary and medically proven to be a good back pain treatment. This stuff can be daily used because its effectiveness and simplicity of using. Moreover, it helps you to bring back your body condition where you haven’t got back pain.

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Foot Health – Get Rid Of Smelly Feet

Bad smelling feet isn’t something that people like to hear about or have. Having smelly feet is quite embarrassing, especially when you have to take your shoes off in front of many people.

Foot odour is very unpleasant. Some people say it smells like rotten cheese and others say it smells like rubbish. Smelly feet smell bad no matter which way you look at it. A lot of people are related to or know someone with bad foot odour.

People have many different ways of hiding foot odor. Spraying perfume or neutralising spray on their feet is only a source of temporary relief. Shoes that restrict air flow are no good when it comes to removing foot odours.

Sweat is the main thing that makes our feet smell bad. Bad smelling feet is mainly due to sweat building up in our shoes and in our socks. The sweat is usually trapped in the socks or the insides of the shoes and after a long period of time the smells start to come out.

The human body’s feet have over two hundred thousand sweat glands. The feet perspire a lot of sweat every day. Sweat is essentially salt and water. The smell isn’t from the sweat, but from the bacteria on our skin which feeds on the sweat.

The bacteria eating the sweat will excrete waste that has a very strong and bad odour. This bad odour is hard to get rid of. The bacteria found on the skin of our body is quite normal. Constant showering every few hours could remove a lot of this bacteria but they will just keep coming back.

Our feet smell particular bad compared with our armpits or hands which also contain a lot of sweat glands because our feet are typically covered with socks and shoes. Sweat is trapped in our socks and shoes and bacteria are having an all-you-can-eat banquet inside your shoes. They will feed off the sweat and then excrete foul-smelling odours.

Everyone has a different odour because our bodies only allow certain bacteria to survive on the skin. Different people allow different kinds which is why everyone smells different. A person that is sweating more often than another will more than likely have smelly feet.

Foot health isn’t a topic we hear about every day. Looking after our foot health to get rid of bad-smelling foot odours is quite easy. Just wear comfortable foot wear that have great air ventilation. Change socks once or twice a day and wash your feet at least once a day.

In conclusion, washing your feet and wearing the right foot wear can lead to great foot health and great smelling feet.

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Foot Health Care and Attention

Foot Health is usually taken for granted because of its constant use. The feet composes of the all ten toes, the heels, the ankle, and the palm of the feet. These are the basic parts of the feet as a whole unit. But how did the use of the feet become important in human history?

It was an unforgettable moment for the evolution of man to be claimed the most superior of all earth’s creatures by learning to stand up in Darwin’s Evolution theory. Having to stand in your own two feet is also significant when you were a toddler that marked the beginning of your walking life. Basically, everything you did had something to do with you feet at one time or another and you must realize how disabled you can be without your feet. So how do you properly tend to your feet to show your gratitude to this nature’s wonder?

The feet are subjected to about a hundred or more pounds of pressure everyday just by you standing or carrying a load. Every major nerve endings are located at the bottom of the feet. That is why foot spa or massage can truly be a relaxing experience due to the nerves that gets stimulated by the right strokes and preparations. It is not practical to afford spa treatments for your feet everyday, so what pragmatic methods can you do to keep your Foot Health at top shape?

Inspect your feet everyday. Look at your feet closely when you take a bath or shower. Check if there are any superficial indications of skin problems like athlete’s foot or any fungal infections and treat them immediately. Also, check for any deformities or pain felt in the area.

Wash and clean your feet daily. Clean and washed feet are free from foot odor problems or bacteria. The feet is almost susceptible to free bacteria on the surfaces it touches and so washing it with warm water and soap can help minimize the contamination of bacteria from your feet.

Do not treat your nails to fancy cuts. As much as possible, especially for women, cut your toe nails to its natural form. Do not reform the natural shape of your nails as it might cause in-grown nail that can grow painfully at wrongly cut nails.

Moisturize and massage your feet once a day. A brief massage for a few minutes can help stimulate the nerve endings at the feet than can help you relax the whole day. Massaging with lotion and covering the feet with petroleum jelly at night with socks on can minimize calluses and corns.

Use the right socks. Many socks manufactured today are specialized in many ways. Some are made with anti-bacterial materials that can prevent bad odor from the feet and some have elasticity built to support the ankle and the heels. Choose different socks for different uses to protect your feet properly.

Keeping your foot health can translate to good personal hygiene. Although the feet is usually covered from the outside, it is imperative to maintain them clean, massaged, and well-kept to maximize the use of your feet for any occasion.

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